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   'dist' <set> <target-set>|<shpe> ->
              ['tra' <dx> <dy> <dz> <offset>]|
              ['rot' <p1> <p2> <offset>]|
              ['rot' 'x'|'y'|'z' <offset>]|
              ['rad' <p1> <p2> <offset>]|
              ['rad' 'x'|'y'|'z' <offset>]|
              ['nor' <offset> <tol>]
measures distances between entities of two sets. For example between points or nodes stored in one set to surfaces or shapes stored in a second set. The average-, maximum- and minimum distance is determined. The distance is measured normal-, rotational-, radial or translatoric. The command works analogous to the ''proj'' command. Please look there for details.

The command writes to the ''stack''.

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