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   'anim'  'tune' <value>|'steps' <value>|'time' <value>|->
           'real' ['on'|'off']|'model' ['on'|'off']| ->
           'elem' ['on'|'off']| 'start'
This keyword is used to manipulate the animation of displacements. See also ''ds'' and ''scal''. The amplification is controlled with ``tune''. ``steps'' defines the number of frames over one periode. ``time'' controlls the duration of one periode. ``real'' switches of the automatic amplification and the real displacements are used instead. In addition the displacements of the negative part of the periode is set to zero. ``model'' switches the static model (undeformed) edges on or of. ``elem'' does this for the element edges. Start the animation with 'start'. The animation stops when using the 'ds' or the 'view' commands with appropriate parameters.

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