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   'surf' <name(char<9)>|'!' [<set>]|->
               <line|lcmb> <line|lcmb> <line|lcmb> <line|lcmb>
This keyword is used to define or redefine a surface. It is a more convenient way to define a surface than the command gsur. Either individual lines or a set of lines can be specified. To be meshable with structured elements it requires 3, 4 or 5 edges (lines or lcmbs). To be meshable with tr3u or tr6u it requires either to be plane or to reference a shape or nurbs which can not be provided with this command (see ``gsur'' which allows the assignment of a shape or ``qshp'' which allows the assignment of a shape or nurbs to a surface). The mouse controlled way to define surfaces is to use the command qsur. If the name of the surface should be automatically generated, then just type ''!'' instead of a name.

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