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   'pnt' <name(char<9)>|'!' [<x> <y> <z>]|
                            [<line> <ratio> <times>]|
                            [<P1> <P2> <ratio> <times>]|
                            [<setname(containing nodes)>]
This keyword is used to define or redefine a point. There are four possibilities to define a point. To define a point just with coordinates:

pnt p1 11 1.2 34


pnt ! 11 1.2 34

where the name is chosen automatically. It is also possible to create points on a line or in the direction from P1 to P2 by defining a spacing (ratio) and number-of-points:

pnt ! L1 0.25 3


pnt ! P1 P2 0.25 3

will create 3 new points at the positions 0.25, 0.5 and 0.75 times the length of the line or the distance from P1 to P2, and it is also possible to create points on the positions of existing nodes. The command

pnt ! set

will create new points on the positions of the nodes included in the specified set. Usually when points are defined interactive the command qpnt is used.

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